Space Elevator

Create a space elevator and estimate the mass, length, and time requirements


Surface Gravity: 9.83 m/s²


Planet Mass: 5.99e+24 kg


Geostationary Orbit: 35,911.79 km


Travel Time: 71.82 hours


Required Energy: 97.83 MWh

Max Tensile Strength: 130,000 Mpa
Minimum Mass: 2.98e+12 kg

Cross Sectional Area: 31,014.81 m2
Cylinder Radius: 99.36 m

Time: 0 days, 0 hours

Note: We are assuming a constant radius cylinder for the Space Elevator geometry. You could taper the tether for optimal mass savings.

The elevator height should be to scale with the planet. The elevator width is not visually accurate because it would be too small to see.